2007 - Graduated in Fine Arts at Salamanca University

2007 - Postgraduated certificate in Education at Salamanca University 

2007 - Auxiliary technician of Graphic Design certificate



2017 – “Lithography on stone plate” workshop with Tamarind's Master Print Valle Baranda-Ferrero at Litografía Viña Printmaking Center

2016/2017 - Art teacher (Plastic and Visual Education) at secondary schools

2015 – “Chromo Lithography on stone plate” workshop with artist Ovidiu Batista at Litografía Viña Printmaking Center

2014 – “Reduction woodcuts“ workshop with artist Oliver Montesinos at Litografía Viña Printmaking Center

2013/15 - Printmaker at Litografía Viña Printmaking & Litography Center

2014 - Instructor of graphic representation techniques for juvenile employment plan at Norjomi Juvenile Center 

2014 – Attendee to conferences at Ilustratour 2014 illustration congress

2013 - Illustration summer workshop with artist Marc Boutavant at Ilustratour 2013 illustration congress

2012 - Illustration summer workshop with artist Alexis Deacon at Ilustratour 2012 illustration congress

2008/2014 - Instructor of Arts & Crafts in a public school

2007 - Modern and contemporary art in Japan seminar with Professor Michio Hayashi

2006 - Japanese art history seminar with Professor Motoaki Kono



2016 - Published illustrated Book "LA NOTA QUE FALTABA" by Kolima Books Editorial (Illustration)

2015 – Solo exhibition “METAMORFOSIS” at Ateneu de Turón. Asturias, Spain (Printmaking & Illustration)

2015 – Group exhibition “ESPACIOS QUE IMPORTAN” at Nave73 Gallery. Madrid, Spain (Printmaking)

2014 – Group exhibition “80’S” at Mad is Mad Gallery. Madrid, Spain (Illustration)

2014 - Group exhibition placed within the Festival Intercéltico 2014 "IRELAND GRÁFICA" at Litografía Viña Printmaking Center. Gijón, Spain (Printmaking)

2014 - Group exhibition placed within the Art Festival Miradas de Mujer 2014 "SINERGIA" at Litografía Viña Printmaking Center. Gijón, Spain (Printmaking)

2014 - Group exhibition of female artists at MUSI Museum. Langreo, Spain (Printmaking)

2014 - Group Exhibition "CORAZONADA" at Arancha Osoro Gallery. Oviedo, Spain (Printmaking)

2014 - Group Exhibition "GRÁFICA INFORMAL" at Arancha Osoro Gallery. Oviedo, Spain (Printmaking)

2012 - Finalist illustration for the congress Ilustratour 2013's mascot. Valladolid, Spain (Illustration)

2008 - First prize in poster design for Youth Rights. Langreo, Spain (Graphic design)

2008 - First solo exhibition at Avilés Cultural Center. Avilés, Spain (Printmaking)

2005/2008 - Itinerant group exhibition of published illustrated cards for a short stories contest by Salamanca University. Spain, Europe and South America (Illustration)

2005 - Published Illustrated card for a short stories contest by Salamanca University. Salamanca, Spain (Illustration)

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